General Foreman

Role Overview and Objectives
The General Foreman will be responsible for an element of a large project. It may be an area of a project, a single or multiple building part of a large project under a Construction Manager. A General Foreman will also be allocated to a project when judged as being competent and capable by the Operations Manager.
To ensure the project achieves the required HSE & Q, budget, time, and quality targets by successfully supervising and coordinating the activities of work crews on site during the construction, installation, inspection, testing, commissioning and finalization phases.

• The General Foreman is required to carry out the specific performance objectives as outlined in the Safety Management System.
• They are required to assess the safety and environmental risks, develop management plans and keep records for the delivery phase of the project.
• The General Foreman will ensure all subcontractors and suppliers in their work area carry out their obligations.
• The General Foreman is responsible for carrying out inspections, conducting audits and closing out any HSE issues raised in their area.

• The General Foreman is responsible for developing specific and short range programs within their work area in conjunction with the relevant Project/ Site Engineers.
• The programs should consider resourcing levels, any design and procurement activities and be coordinated and agreed with all trades prior to issue.
• The programs are to be statused weekly and kept.
• The General Foreman will carry out the specific requirements of the management system.

They will maintain open lines of communication within the site team and attend all required meetings.

• This will involve the quality plan, drawing controls, site instruction controls, inspection and testing plans, general administration as required by the Project Business Plan.
• They will organise the work sequence to be safe, productive and efficient.
• The General Foreman will maintain a diary to capture HSE performance, numbers of resources on site, status of program, instructions issued, plant on hire etc.
• Together with the Project Engineer, take all the delivery responsibility for their allocated work area.
• Together with the Project Engineer, take all the delivery responsibility for their allocated work area.
• The General Foreman is required to contribute to the peer group activities.
• They are to participate in an annual performance and objective setting review.
• They are also required to attend any agreed structural learning opportunities.

People responsibility:
• Supervisory responsibility.

Details of experience and knowledge:
• Discipline background experience of works including utilities.
• A minimum of 10 years construction and utility experience.

Specific Qualifications:

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